Central Power Technology Information Company – CPCIT

Central Power Technology Information Company – CPCIT


CPCIT was established on 11.03.1994 and belong to Central power corporation. CPC has built a system of software programs on the SQL Server database, ORACLE … and systems integration in central power corporation.

CPCIT has developed systems of software programs based on the SQL Server, ORACLE … and integrated system in Central Power Company, Vietnam Electricity, the financial accounting management system, material management, technical management, human resource management, planning management, estimated and managed some basic construction, managed customers and electricity bills Organizations has deployed LAN and WAN network from central power corporation and branches of electricity companies in central and highland areas; Constructed and managed more than 60 LAN systems in the whole Central Power Company.



3rd floor, 393 Trung Nu Vuong, Hai Chau Dist., Danang

Tel: (84-511) 222 0803.

Fax: (84-511) 222 0803

Website: http://www.cpcit.vn

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