JABIL Vietnam CO., LTD

JABIL Vietnam CO., LTD

Jabil Vietnam Co. Ltd. belonging to Jabil Circuit Inc., is a multinational corporation headquartered in the United States, specializing in providing electronic design, manufacturing and product management services for electronic and technology companies, including HP, IBM, Cisco, Nokia, and Philips.

Established since 2007, Jabil’s Ho Chi Minh City facility is located in the heart of Vietnam’s growing tech industry, in close proximity to major air and sea ports. Serving the Industrial & Energy, Networking & Telecommunications, Point of Sale and Printing sectors, Jabil Ho Chi Minh City specializes in high volume low cost product solutions and provides an attractive option for customers interested in diversifying their manufacturing operations in Asia.

List advanced program students have been working at Jabil Vietnam:

  1. Đặng Mạnh Quân – 08ECE


Lot I8-1 Hi-Tech Park, Tang Nhon Phu B, Dist. 9, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel:   08-37332030

Fax:  08-37360554

Website: http://www.jabil.com

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