Meeting between advanced program – FPT Complex DaNang

In the last 14 of october, students from advanced program, the university of science and technology, had a trip around FPT complex building. This was a real useful and meaningful meeting. The trip was not only a chance for the students to understand more about the history, the scale and the service of the enterprise, but also an occasion for the enterprise to catch the abilities, demands and desires of all students for jobs in the future, especially the final year students.


The meeting started at 9:00, staffs introduced the building to these COE students to show modern facilities as well as professional and amazing working enviroment. It is believed that FPT complex building, Danang, is under constrcution and in the future it will look like a huge copper drum as you look downward from the sky.


The meeting between student and the enterprise started 30 later the presentation speech about the history, stragegies and the objective  helped the students to have an clear view about FPT ingeneral and FPT complex Danang in particular. It is so proud that , for the past few years, half of the human resources of the FPT software Danang was the talented engineers from the university of science and technology. The speech about car technology, unmanned car made them feel excited and interested. The atmosphere at the meeting became more fantastic when questions were constantly posed and those were answered satisfiedly. There were dozens of students hoping that  in the future they will have a job at the FPT to build and develop the enterprise.


The meeting ended in the big applause. The company sincerely thanked to the kindness and willingness of COE students


The snack at the front hall ended the amazing meeting.  After the day, the enterprise,the university and students can understand each other and can figure out education stragegies and education program as well as more practical and helpful connection  between the university and the enterprise.

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