Student scientific research conference of Center of Excellence 2017

On 26th of april 2017, the Student Scientific research Conference 2017 held by Center of Excellence was very successful. There were more than 100 students participating in the conference with 27 topics.

The conference was extremely a useful and interesting playground for all students, with a number of products which are highly considered practical. Additionally, examiners gave students lots of advices and orientations of their future development.

  • First Prize: “Robot arm” of group: Đoàn Hữu Tuấn(13ECE2), Huỳnh Việt Thống(13ECE2), Trần Đại Ngọc Hải(13ECE2), Võ Minh Anh(13ES). Instructor: Dr. Phan Trần Đăng Khoa.
  • Second Prize: “Smart security system” of group: Nguyễn Trần Phước(13ES), Nguyễn Viết Minh Tuệ(13ES), Trần Nam Quân(13ES), Nguyễn Thị Hà Khuê(13ES), Đỗ Hải Đăng(13ES) Instructor: Dr. Lê Quốc Huy.
  • Thrid Prize: “Electric skateboard” of group: Trần Nguyễn Phú Phú (15ECE1), Võ Trần Hoàn(15ECE1), Trần Ngọc Hải(15ECE1), Lê Đình Cường(15ECE1), Nguyễn Rô Tư(15ECE1). Instructor: Eng. Trần Văn Lic
  • Best-idea Prize: “Weather simulator” of group: Pham Xuân Trà(13ECE1), Trần Hưng Trí(13ECE1), Nguyễn Khắc Thế(13ECE1), Ngô Trung Chính(13ECE1), Nguyễn Phan Duy Nguyên(13ECE1). Instructor: Eng. Trần Văn Líc





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