CoE student and TFI-SCALE 2017

The Center of Excellence would like to congratulate 7 students who successfully passed two rounds of selection and interview to be among the 23 students representing UD-DUT participating in the TFI-SCALE 2017 project will be held in Singapore within 3 weeks.

23 representative students of UD-DUT join TFI-SCALE 2017

The TFI-SCALE 2017 project is a skill training program for leadership, teamwork to solve real-world scenarios and coping with the issues facing Asia, a five-week project. More than 100 students from four countries (Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand) will be trained in Singapore for 3 weeks, and will be practiced locally (also known under the name Learning Express) 2 weeks later.

7 students will represent include:

  1. Đỗ Hoàng Phúc (13ECE)
  2. Dương Nguyễn Huy Thức (14ECE)
  3. Nguyễn Hữu Thắng (14ECE)
  4. Trần Nguyễn Phú Phú (15ECE1)
  5. Nguyễn Viết Khánh Linh (15ECE1)
  6. Phạm Trần Thùy Linh (15ECE2
  7. Nguyễn Đức Huy (15ES)

Mr. Đỗ Hoàng Phúc (13ECE) – Student Coordinator of LEX 2017 and TFI-SCALE 2017

Do Hoang Phuc (class 13ECE) said, “I am one of only six students to participate in the first time of TFI-SCALE in 2016, as well as participated in two Learning Express projects under different roles. I realize very clearly the maturity of myself through each project like that. Go, work and live with Singapore people, learn from their civilization, work attitude and thinking skills, etc. I really think, as a student, you should once challenge yourself with such opportunities!”

Advanced Program students with language proficiency, full academic English, as well as opportunities to interact with extracurricular activities through the Student Communication Initiative (CAPS), are easy to understand when a lot of CoE students have had experience in both Learning Express and TFI-SCALE – two campus-wide programs. However, when being asked about his experiences, Tran Nguyen Phu Phu (15ECE1) still humbly shared: “My English is not really good, but thanks to participating in activities like this, I have become more active in communication and at the same time equip myself with the necessary skills in leadership, teamwork, problem solving, etc. The soft skills will help me a lot in both my studies and my future career. ”


7 students of CoE will join TFI-SCALE 2017
From the left: Khanh Linh, Huy Thuc, Phu Phu, Duc Huy, Hoang Phuc, Thuy Linh, Huu Thang

Thanks to the good cooperation between UD-DUT and Singapore Polytechnic, certainly, in the coming years, projects such as TFI-SCALE or Learning Express will continue. It is hoped that there will be more and more Advanced Program students to be present, and you will be a core force to contribute to building a dynamic, confident, stable Vietnamese student generation, about the skills and enthusiasm at work!

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