“Learning Express” – The long-term international connection between SP & UD_DUT

Learning Express by Singapore Polytechnic, donated by Temasek Foundation, is a multi-national, multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary program that addresses local complex problems in complex settings rather than simplified problems in isolation. It involves student in activities that address local needs while developing their academic skills and commitment to the community.

The main objectives of Learning Express are to apply domain skills, use Design Thinking Methodology to co-create innovative solutions that strives to meet the needs of local community and to provide an immersive experience for the students as the team work together closely with their peers in the local community hence nurturing a sense of purpose and social contributions to society.

Learning Express II Reportage of VTV Channel:

In Da Nang, a methodology of non-theoretical learning has been practiced, bringing superiority to students. It turns students into subjects in every lesson. It is the Learning Express project, an educational project of the University of Singapore Polytechnic.

This project brings students into activities that address local needs, helping to develop community-related learning skills.

Initially, the project was the right direction in training with totally uninterrupted hours in the lecture hall.

This is the second time that Learning Express project to be held between the UD-DUT and Singapore Polytechnic University. Through teamwork, teamwork skills, critical thinking, logical thinking, problem solving, interviewing, and user analytics, students will be able to help with the idea of ​​supporting people. People in accordance with production conditions.

In two weeks, community development projects in Da Nang not only help students with life experiences but also form ideas, returning to the people where students come to study experience. .

The third experience of students from UD-DUT will be from September 3rd to September 16th, 2017 in the craft villages in Da Nang.

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