For the first time since the conference was introduced 7 years ago, a delegate from Vietnam – NGUYEN KY TRI – a student of Advanced Program was honored by the YMAC-SRE 2017 committee for the best Position Summary. This is also the first time for a Vietnamese to achieve this award in the history of YMAC.


From 1st to 5th of October 2017, along with 4 students in Danang and 8 others from different universities in Vietnam, 2 COE students, NGUYEN DUC HUY from 15ES and NGUYEN KY TRI from 13ECE2, participated in the regional conference: SRE – YMAC 2017 in Singapore held by Singapore Polytechnics.

Into its sixth year, the S Rajaratnam Endowment Youth Model ASEAN Conference (SRE-YMAC) is a simulation of an ASEAN Conference bringing together students from all ASEAN member states. Delegates take on the roles as diplomats from the ten ASEAN countries, carry out research and debate on current regional and global issues faced by the region. They will propose possible solutions on broad economic, security, social and cultural issues, which are further grouped under the three Pillars of the ASEAN Community Vision 2025 – the Political-Security, Economic, and Socio-Cultural Communities.

Objectives of SRE-YMAC 2017

The SRE-YMAC Design Identity shows the ten ASEAN nations with different cultural backgrounds moving towards one common vision – One Vision, One Identity, One Community.

3 main objectives of the SRE-YMAC:

  • A better understanding of ASEAN issues
  • A greater sense of community and connectivity among the ASEAN youths
  • A platform to encourage ASEAN youths to participate and contribute to solutions towards ASEAN issues

Student Preparation and Activities

  1. Pre-conference

Students from Danang had a meeting with NGUYEN DUY PHUONG – a CoE alumnus who had participated in YMAC 2016 to share his experience, advice and useful tips for the conference

  1. Five-day Conference Activities

Vietnamese students and others from different ASEAN universities

Students from 10 ASEAN nations and students from Inter-polytechnics in Singapore lived and discussed together.

With delegates from 10 ASEAN countries, the conference taken place in 5 days has successfully ended. Throughout debate sessions and learning trip, students from 10 member states had an in-depth understanding about what issues that the region is facing now and challenges as well as opportunities that the future generation has.

In 5 debate sessions, students had a chance to deepen their understanding about South East Asia and also saw different perspectives of other countries.

Students worked, shared and debated together in the conference room


Especially, 2 forums with 2 distinguished guests Ambassador Chan Heng Chee and Ambassador Desmond Lee offered participants an opportunity to express their concern about the region and to ask about ASEAN. SRE – YMAC was a great chance for delegates from 10 ASEAN countries to show their perspectives, speak the voice of the young, improve soft skills, broaden understanding about ASEAN and make friendships among members.

In the closing ceremony, students were allowed to wear traditional costumes to show each country’s identity with some traditional performance.

Especially, NGUYEN KY TRI excellently outperformed hundreds of delegates and won the best Position Summary award.


Again, Congratulations on the successful trip and achievements of CoE Students as well as Vietnamese students in YMAC-SRE2017.

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