DUT students participate in the Young Science Exchange in Sakura 2018 Japan: Experience the Kyushu Robocon Contest

In the exchange program of science and technology Sakura 2018, delegation of students of DUT – UD was honored to be invited to watch the Kyocru Robocon contest.

Upon coming to this exchange, there are two outstanding students of Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology: Dang Tuan Kiet from 15ES and Pham Le Minh Hoang (15ECE).

Delegation from DUT – UD photographed with leaders of Kyushyu region and Kagoshima College of Technology

This is considered the largest Kyushu contest for students of technical schools. This year, the competition gathered 20 teams from 10 famous schools in the region with the theme ボ ト ル フ リ ッ プ. カ フ ェ – Bottle flip cafe.

According to the rules of the game, each team is responsible for 2 minutes throwing as many bottles as possible, each bottle weighing less than 350g, up to 8 columns of different height so the bottles must stand upright (5 points for 1 bottle on the top pole 2.4m and 1 point on each bottle on the remaining columns). Each team was given two robots, one automatic robot and one manual robot. In particular, automatic robots can freely move within the whole stadium, while manual robots only move within a certain range.

With the conditions of science and technology inherited with the sponsorship from many large technology companies in the field such as Honda, Mabuchi Motor, Yaskawa, … the robot of the teams not only achieve accuracy but also the design is very creative and highly aesthetic.

ROBOCON Competition Stage – Bottle Flip Cafe

Especially the heat on the field today not only from the modern robots but also from the spirit of competition, dedication of the team and enthusiastic cheers from the audience. What surprised the whole of DUT students was the fans from many different ages from children to the elderly from many areas. Each area has its own unique color and style.

According to the delegation, this year’s competition is dramatic and brings many levels of emotions for the members. This is not only a useful playground, but also a place for exchanging experiences on scientific research activities for students. The competition gave the team a really interesting experience on how to solve the problem, the organizational style, the spirit of the competition and the Japanese education method. Through this competition, members of the delegation would like to have chance to exchange and learn between Vietnamese students and Japanese students.

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