Recruitment: Technological development center – Viettel network technologies center (VTTEK)


The Viettel Network Technologies Center (VTTEK) is the first and only Vietnamese organization to research and develop Network infrastructure equipment from the access, core to the application layer.. By 2017, the center has six products deployed in 10 countries around the world serving 200 million users. Typical products of the Center include:

  • Online Charging System
  • 4G BTS station
  • Mobile Service Switching Center MSC

Technological Development Center is the center of VTTEK, which is responsible for researching and developing the latest technologies in the world, shared platforms for systems of hundreds of millions of users, huge numbers of datas to exploit. Its technologies and products include:

  • 5G : is recently the hottest technology in the world to meet the innovation with connected devices (millions of devices per km2) and speed requirements (up to Gigabit ).
  • The database scans on vIMDB memory with up to hundreds of nodes and processes millions of concurrent transactions per second.
  • Cloud / NFV / SDN technology: is the foundation technology for providing virtual architecture for all core telecommunications network products.
  • AI / Big Data technology: with the goal of handling vast amounts of data up to hundreds of petabytes to provide network optimization algorithm, automated mining operations, The customer’s network aims to serve customers as separate individuals.
  • The vSTP Signal Transmission System is a signaling system for 2G / 3G networks with performance up to millions of transactions per second, the data of Petabyte needs to process.

Currently, due to the development demands and the progress of project, VTTEK is recruiting R & D engineers to participate in the project. Working at our center, you will have the opportunity to access the latest technologies in the world with the largest and the most sophisticated and demanding systems in the field of telecommunication software. Moreover, you will have the chance to work with excellent engineers around the world.


  • Software Engineer for 5G
  • FPGA Development Engineer
  • Signal Processing Engineer for 5G
  • Software Development Engineer 5G System.

Detail in the attachment.

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doc Software Development Engineer 5G System 15 KB 32
doc Software Engineer for 5G 16 KB 30

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