Admission Criteria, Training Process and Graduation Conditions

a. Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria to AP-ECE program are based on guildlines updated anually from the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) and requirements of UD and DUT. More information about the updated admission criteria of the program can be found at

b. Training Process and Graduation Conditions

The AP-ECE is organized as a quarter-based credit system. Traning process and graduation requirements are based on the regulations of MOET, UD and DUT on the credit training with the following supplementary contents:

  • An academic year composes of 03 quarters, starting from August to next June. Duration of each quarter is 12 weeks.
  • Students receive intensively English training (TOEFL iBT and IELTS) in the first year tauch by lecturers from Danang University of Foreign Language and other English centers.
  • Students are also required to meet the first-year and graduation English standards which are decided by the Board of Rector, as long with scholarship regulations. Usually, at the end of 1st year, students are required to meet the first-year English standard of 52 iBT TOEFL or 5.0 IELTS (or others equivalent) to be able to continue the next following years of the curriculum. Except students getting transfer to partner universities, others are required to complete the program with graduation requirements of MOET and DUT and graduation English standard of 71 iBT TOEFL or 6.0 IELTS (or others equivalent) for UD degree.

Students who complete the third year of study at AP-ECE and meet other requirements (English, GPA, finance, etc.) are able to submit for transfer credits to parner universities to complete the degree there.