Job and Post-graduate Study Opportunities

Graduates from AP-ES are able to:

  1. Consult, design, operate, repair, and maintain equipment and systems in the area of electronics, computer, embedded and automation systems.
  2. Work for national and international enterprises/groups/factories in the area of apllied electronics, telecommunication, computer, biomedical engineering, automotive industry, aerospace eingieering, military engineering, or science and technology management.
  3. Work as a lecturer in universities, colleges, volcational schools related to the area of electric, electronics, computer science, embedded systems, telecommunication, information technology, control engineering and automation.
  4. Do researches in the areas of embedded and automation systems in research centers/institutes.
  5. Being transferred for higher study at the program’s partner universities/institutes* as well as having high opportunities to be accepted at other national and international universities/instittues.

More information about the industrial and institutional partners of the program can be found at website: