Community of Advanced Program Students

I. Introduction:

CAPS (Community of Advanced Program students) is a Center of Excellence’s playground of two classes, Embedded System-ES and Electronic and Communication Engineering-ECE.

It was officially formed on 1st June 2015 by COE students. Its aims include honing soft skills, presentation, interview skills, accelerating the friendship among its members, closing the gap between ES classes and ECE classes, and creating opportunities for members to practice, enjoy the activities after stressful lectures.

At the present, there are four small teams that undertake the particular parts of our community. They are Event Team, Research Team, Soft-Skills Team and Communication Team.

II. Structure:



Structural Management Profile: 

III.Function and duty:

General Mission:

  • Enhance solidarity between students of Center of Excellence, between students of Center of Excellence and students of different courses
  • Promote student’s movement, awareness of participate in activities of students, improve knowledge and skills
  • Support students of Center of Excellence in solving problems such as study, living, scholarships, …

1. Soft-skill department:

  • Practicing and improving soft-skill for students of Center of Excellence.
  • Searching for a person, a group who have artistic talent, athletic ability in order to improve movements in Center of Excellence.

2. Science Research department:

  • Supporting knowledge, encourage and orientate Science research topics for students.
  • Creating Scientific research groups in a certain area, provide supporting information, creating open meetings for students debating with each other’s.
  • Organizing contests for students of CoE and students from different courses in order to give them opportunity to exchange and learning.

3. Event Organizing department :

  • Organizing events, contests, festivals for students of Center of Excellence.
  • Organizing charity activities, traveling, picnics.
  • Organizing fundraising activities for CAPS.

4. Communication department:

  • Storing and disseminating information for students of Advanced Program
  • Official channel for advertising Center of Excellence and CAPS
  • Collecting and synthesizing information correlating with student’s life, supporting students in learning progress and living at school

IV. Activity plan and some events:

Term of office Plan
June 01, 2015 – June 01, 2016
June 01, 2016 – June 01, 2017 Updating…

1. Soft-skill team:

 No  Event
1 CAPS Music Talent Album
2 CAPS English Album


2. Science Research team:

 No  Event
1 Science Research Instruction  Album
2 TI Contest 2015 ( Organizing Assistant ) Album
3 Science Research 2016 Album
4 Basic electronic class Updating…


3. Event Organizing team:

 No  Event
1  Vietnamese women’s day 2015  Album
2 Teacher’s day 2015 Album
3 Winter in wonderland Album


4. Communication team:

 No  Event
1  CoECup – Sport Club 2015 Album
3 Camping Album

V. Contact information: