Communication And Student’s Life

  1. About:
  • Communication is one of 4 departments of CAPS. Communication departement has been developed from students’ life department and currently is responsible for both missions.
  1. Departement structure:
  2. Mission:
Design Design image to support the departement
Info management Receive and handle information from students

Receive informaton of scholarships,  firms, activities that aims to students.

Content Prepare content to support communication departement
Translation Translate news and info


  1. Duty and benefit:

– Duty:

  • Ultilising abilities of design to serve one aim of cummunication
  • Seizing issues of public communication
  • Training communication skills, presentation, sticking to the plan in the long term.
  • Being responsive to info. Being active in every activities.
  • Having a chance to communicate with successful people.

– Duty:

  • Responsible for the given mission
  • Finish the given mission on time
  • Report precisely and in time when objective issues arise.


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