Event Organizing Department

  1. About:

CAPS – Event Organising Departement(EOD) is an section of CAPS. CAPS – EOD was born to create a dynamic, passionate, creatve enviroment and help students to discover and develop their new aspect. Besides, CAPS –EOD also creates playgrounds for students after hard studying hours

  1. Departement structure:


  1. Activity:
leadership Organising classes to develop leadership for COE students Whorkshops about leadership helps student to form what is leadership, how it develop and its application into real life.
Teambuilding Organising teambuilding classes To create enviroment for students to connect via outdoor activites. To develop teamwork skills, solidarity as well as to apply and pracice those skills in reality.
Event Holding big event in COE( such as prom, charity event, E-Sport) To create playgrounds for COE students as well as enviroments to train and develop skills from leadership and teambuilding classes into reality
Fund raise Calling for funds for activities of CAPS and the center To raise funds for CAPS operation
finance Managing finance of CAPS – EOD Managing finance of CAPS – EOD


  1. Duties and benefits:


  • Taking part in every activities of CAP –EOD without any fees
  • Being taught and supported to develop skills during the time
  • Being trained and develop in one of the most dynamic, pressure and harshest enviroment of CAPS.
  • Always be repected and free in giving out opinions. Innovation and creativity are fully encouraged
  • Always work with team – there is no “alone” works in CAPS – EOD


  • Be responsible for your work
  • Teamwork comes first
  • Always respect and listen to other opinions
  • Not only self – development but also aiming to CAPS development
  • Make a contribution of opinions, feedbacks to make CAPS – EOD stronger
  1. Contact:
  • Office: CAPS office (3rd floor, room 302)
  • Contact:
Name Phone number Email
1 Tran Duc Duy Nguyen 0935706135 Dnguyen191995@gmail.com