Soft-skill Department


1/ General Introduction:

CAPS – Soft Skills is a group of students’ community CAPS, established at the same time with CAPS. The aims of CAPS – Soft Skills work are practicing, developing members’ skills such as art, thinking or sports.

2/ Organizational structure:

Group ‘s leaders:

Period Name Position Class
2015-2016 Vũ Ngọc Khôi Leader 13ECE
Đoàn Hữu Tuấn Vice leader 13ECE
Nguyễn Đức Nguyên Vice leader 13ECE
2016-2017 Lê Nguyễn Thanh Trúc Leader 14ECE
Nguyễn Khoa Lân Vice leader 14ECE
Phạm Tiến Vũ Vice leader 15ECE2

All key members of CAPS – Soft Skills

3/ Main activities:

After looking back and learning from previous, with the function in period 2016-2017, CAPS – Soft Skills has developed its activities, the group has made some changes:

Group Purposes Activities Details
Arts activities Learn, practice about performing arts skills


Take part in shows, competitions.

Weekly practice Learn and practice many kinds of dance such as basic dance, choreography, …

Learn and practice how to play music instruments such as the guitar, the ukulele or the organ, …

Intensify practice The aims to take part in competitions, shows in and out of school.

Practice dancing to join proms.

Board games It is an entertain playground after school as well as a good way to practice logical thinking or to negotiate.


Learning the way good players play such as how they think, develop and connect the materials in different situations.

Weekly meeting Organize meetings, play many hot games such as UNO, Hitler, The Werewolves, …
Self-organize games Register to borrow board games at CAPS office, self-organize to play games together and return the games to CAPS the same day.
Soccer An entertain way to relax after hard classes, enhance sport spirt for student. Weekly meeting Organize friendly soccer matches between teams in COE
Practicing The aims to take part in soccer competitions such as COE Cups, university soccer competitions, …


4/ Office:

Office CAPS is room C305, where CAPS answers every questions about CAPS as well as CAPS – Soft Skills

5/ Rights and responsibilities:


Enhance personal skills through experiences, practice sessions. In addition, you will receive support when you undertake the leader position of an activities.

Receive support from experienced people.


Complete your assigned tasks.

Join group meetings with enthusiasm.

Be a connection point between CAPS and your friends, enhance their spirit.