Science Research Department

  1. About:

CAPS – Science Research Department(SRD) is a department of CAPS. It was born at the same time as CAPS came to existence. CAPS – SRD was established to stimulate science research activities of CAPS to be more flourish and developed. It also support students in studying science.

  1. Structure:

There are 2 sections:

  • Board of leader: 1 leader and 2 vice leaders
  • Core members of CAPS – SRD
  1. Main activities:

As the function of SRD in 2016 – 2017, CAPS – SRD inherits the previous activities and adds some more:

Team Activities Content
Knowledge support Electronic class Provide certain base of knowledge for students of COE to participate in science research and design competitions.
Training on specific themes It is among activities throughout the operation, training on specific themes helps student to improve high standard knowledge, supports to promote the process of designing products and design competitions
Small conference Beside required knowledge during manufacturing products, engineers needs some certain skills to boost their productivity. Small conference is the place for COE students to gain knowledge
Working enviroment tracing Road race Researching, studying independently is a required character for an engineer. Tracing road race is the place foe COE student to compete each other
Manufacturing products Being paid to work in the right field is a dream of many people. CAPS – SRD help students to experience and gain skills to make real products.


  1. Resources and facilities:
  • Office:


Facility Purpose Target user
CAPS – SRD conference room  board of leaders discuss and plan for CAPS – SRD Board of leaders
Manufacturing  room To manufacture, measure and test products Leader and members of SRD

·        COE students need an introduction from members of SRD


  • Facilities:

Beside basic tools to make boards (such as driller, soldering iron), CAPS – SRD provide more modern and precise measure tools

*member useing those tools have to prepare himself.


  1. Duties and benefits:


  • Taking part in every CAPS – SRD activities and facilities without fees
  • Being trained, supported during working and researching
  • Having a chance to work with practical products, practical works and practical calculations an engineer needs



  • Accomplishing given mission with your best
  • Improving knowledge, skills to become a helper for COE students and especially inherit the next term
  • Making a contribution of ideas, feedbacks and developing CAPS – SRD


  1. Contact:
  • Office: CAPS office and CAPS – SRD room (C112)


Name Phone number Email
1 Doan Huu Tuan 0993402064
2 Pham Xuan Tra 0169357028
3 Le Dinh Hoai Loc 01287654545