The classroom system was built with the total area of 381 square meters including 5 classrooms and 2 halls. This construction guaranteed the requirements for the infrastructure in order to serve the advanced program according to the scheme promulgated by the government in 2008. These classrooms meet the requirement of teaching, researching and other activities of small scale clubs. In 2010, high- speed wireless network system which covers the entire campus of advanced program was also installed in every classroom, enhancing the infrastructure capacity for teaching activities.

Besides, the advanced program can take place in big halls of DUT with the capacity of up to 500 seats, serving the needs of organizing workshops of lecturers or entertainment activities of students. In addition, from 2015 a study room was also built right next to the internal library in order to meet the demand for self-study and group learning of students, creating a self-study and group discussion environment for students.

Over the years, the classroom system of the advanced program has been invested and improved in quantity in order to meet the demand for the constantly increasing number of students. Especially, in 2014 a multimedia classroom with online learning program was also built. The aim of this construction is to optimize the teaching time so that lecturers can focus on their teaching and researching. As for students, this measure will offer them access to teaching system and class content from far distance at any time and anywhere.