Function and Duty

The Center of Excellence is operated by various administrative staff to co-ordinate with professional faculties including the Faculty of Electronic-Telecommunication Engineering and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering; other faculties and departments of the University of Science and Technology and other members of the University of Danang to operate advanced programs and implement following tasks:

  • Guaranteeing good teaching and practicing in basic science subjects and majors specialized in Electronic and Communication Engineering and Embedded System programs, and other international collaborative training programs;
  • Cooperating with other universities and prestigious institutes nationally and internationally in training, graduate and post-graduate transfer training, exchanging lecturers and students, opening new majors and professions of related international training programs;
  • Establishing and developing Teaching Research Teams (TRT) related to the fields of signal processing; embedded system; integrated circuit design; health care; networks and intelligent equipment; new generation information communication network; applied and basic science; deploying applied and basic scientific research proposals on both national and international scale, technological transfer;
  • Cooperating with businesses domestically and abroad to get sponsorships of equipment, scholarships and providing businesses high-qualified labor resources with suitable quality and number;
  • Organizing certification training classes to improve the professional knowledge and have students and technical cadres working in related fields update new specialist knowledge.