Responsibility and Work Assignment


Director: Prof.Dr Le Kim Hung 

Email:; Phone number: 0511.3736445

  • Administration, Personnel Organization
  • Development of strategies, appropriate policies relating to international cooperation. .
  • Financial administration.

Deputy Director: Assoc. Prof.Dr. Pham Van Tuan

Email:; Phone Number: 0511.3737931

  • Consultant of Director in administration and personnel organization.
  • Establishing vision and mission.
  • Making development strategies.
  • Coordinating international collaborations and Industry Cooperation.
  • Assigning staff’s working positions and managing officers.
  • Reviewing annual reports.
  • Administrating quality assurance.
  • Administrating financial issues.


Electronic and Communication Engineering: Dr. Nguyen Thi Anh Thu

Email:; Phone number: 0511.735112

Embedded Systems: Dr. Nguyen Le Hoa

Email:; Phone number: 0511.735112

  • Advising Director and Deputy Director on the creation of vision and mission.
  • Advising Deputy Director on the establishment of development strategies of personnel, training fields/ levels, facilities, equipment, and public relation.
  • Administrating training
  • Advising and consulting Student Scientific Research and technology transfer.
  • Participating in administration and implementation of International Collaboration and Industry Cooperation
  • Advise Deputy Director on the assignment and distribution of officers.
  • Participating in summarizing and writing annual summary reports.
  • Implementing quality assurance and testing of training program.
  • Advising on financial affairs
  • Participating in managing facilities, instrument of Advanced Program


Administrative Secretary: BA. Vu Ngoc Ha

Email:; Phone number: 0511.735112

  • Managing incoming and outgoing documents
  • Summiting documents for approval
  • Providing logistics support to Board of directors, visiting professors and foreign guests
  • Producing reports for Board of directors upon requests
  • Secretary of international projects of Centre of Excellence
  • Participating in organizing events
  • Managing teaching contracts
  • Cost budgeting for Center of Excellence’s activities
  • Filing financial documents

Academic Secretary:  BA. Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung

Email:; Phone number: 0511.735112

  • Participating in making teaching plan (Co-operate with in charge Program).
  • Participating in judging students’ studies, graduate, reward, discipline (Co-operate with Training Department and in charge Program)
  • Making timetable and study schedule in Excellence Centre website with unit of study in charge by foreign teachers
  • Receiving timetable from Training Department and making study schedule in Excellence center
  • Participating in checking and monitoring teaching, practice, internship, experiment volume (cooperating with legal inspectors)
  • Managing and entering students’ examination mark, compare to school year statement of report of Training department as order of semester, end of class, announcing study results to students
  • Making schedule and keeping track on operating activities of the class
  • In charge of English class in the first year
  • Participating ịn judging practicing mark for students in Advance Program (Co-operate with Study Consultant)
  • Managing and demanding offering scholarship for students.
  • Managing, saving files relate to training, students…
  • Participating in organizing Science and Education events of Center of Excellence
  • Supporting students consulting.

Official of International Cooperation and Enterprise Relationship: Ph.D Cao Xuan Huu


  • Building and promulgating regulation/procedure about Science Research of Excellence Center students as order of the University
  • Consulting for Center of Excellence Board of Director about building and deploying strategic tasks about SR
  • Co-operating to deploy activities in Students club in SR
  • Managing, deploying annual activities about students SR convention
  • Summarizing students SR activities evaluation of Excellence Center yearly

Official of Equipment: Eng. Nguyen The Nghia


  • Managing facilities belong to Excellence center including classroom, working offices, laboratory, library, Professor offices, garden, restroom.
  • Making tracking note and maintaining internal facilities in chambers belong to Center of Excellence (expect for laboratory)
  • Distributing shared facilities between programs
  • Managing utilities, cleaning, health, safety and fire prevention at EC
  • In charge of inventory report, liquidating assets yearly.
  • Participating in making repairing plan, basic building investment and making purchasing assets yearly (Co-operate with in charge of AP and Board of Director)
  • In charge of maintaining, repairing or building in EC
  • Co-operating organizing convention, seminar of unit

Officer of Equipment: Eng. Le Huu Duy, Eng. Nguyen Tri Bang


  • Distributing shared experiment facilities between AP
  • Making tracking notes and reporting using experiment effectiveness annually
  • Managing experiment facilities are sponsored by non-government organization, companies, enterprises on and off shore
  • Participating in making plan and deploying purchasing experiment facilities annually
  • Purchasing experiment facilities annually.
  • In charge of inventory reports, liquidating laboratory equipment annually.
  • Participating in making experiment schedule for each semester.
  • Co-operating organizing events, seminars of unit.

Officer of Network Infrastructure and Media: Eng. Tran Van Lic, MSc. Thai Vu Hien


  • Designing and developing AP ECE website, AP ES website, EC website and AP Facebook.
  • Updating training content, SR, student activities, International relation, enterprise relation, scholarship and exchanging students on ECE AP website, ES AP website, EX website and AP Facebook.
  • Operating, repairing and developing network infrastructure (Internet, LAN, Wifi).
  • Managing DLS classroom: operating and managing DLS classroom facilities; making document to train for exploring DLS room; participate in teaching with DSL
  • Cooperating with Youth Union Branch to organize and deploy certain activities related to the union for students from centers of Excellence
  • Co-operating organizing events, seminars of unit

Official of Library and Student work: Hoang Thi Hieu

Email:; Phone number: 0511.3735805

  • Managing lecturers and students borrowing and returning book: updating new timetable, to support borrow and return book for students when beginning and ending subject; support textbook for lecturers of each subject
  • Print, photo textbooks and lectures annually: making recommending note for photo books and new lectures; updating given, bought, newly photo book categories
  • Maintaining book, liquidating and photo new damages books.
  • In charge of EX student club: announcement, distribution students participating in conventions, seminar; co-operate with student work department, Union office and other department unit function to organize cultural arts, sports, workshops … soft skills training; co-operate to organize hobbies club, orientation club, students volunteer club…; learn to grasp the political ideology of the students; consult assistant of Center of Excellence and Deans of certain Department about awards, punishments  and choosing sponsored scholarships.
  • In charge of EC alumni club: usually updating alumnus information about jobs, continuous study; sending announcement for graduate scholarship, recruitment to alumnus; encourage alumnus to participate in joining curriculum activities for students, contacting supporting alumnus for “Feedback form”.
  • Reporting activities/achievement periodically of club
  • Co-operating organizing events, seminars of unit.